By definition, a Science Gateway is a "community-development set of tools, applications, and data that is integrated via a portal or a suite of applications, usually in a graphical user interface, that is further customized to meet the needs of a specific community".

The present Science Gateway has been built in the context of the EU CHAIN and CHAIN-REDS projects to demonstrate how the Science Gateway paradigm and standard adoption can make e-Infrastructures worldwide, based on different middleware and architectures (Grid, HPC, Cloud or simply local clusters), interoperable amongst each other, at user application level.

Thanks to the collaboration with CNGrid, EGI-InSpire, ENEA-CRESCO, EUMEDGRID-Support, FutureGrid, GARUDA, GISELA, IGI, JSAGASAGrid and WeNMR projects, a set of Demo Applications has been deployed on various Grid (based on EMI - gLite and UNICORE - Genesis II, Globus, GOS, OurGrid middleware), Cloud (based on OCCI compliant - Okeanos, OpenNebula and OpenStack - stacks) and local (based on the Platform Computing resource manager) resources and you can execute them through this portal in a simple and easy way. Some of the Cloud sites belong to the EGI Federated Cloud.

If you don't have yet an account on the CHAIN-REDS Science Gateway, click on Instructions to Register and Sign In. Otherwise, choose the application you wish to run from the list which appears in the above Demo Applications menu and execute it.

If, instead, you are only interested in checking the current status of the demo, click on Demo Status.


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