Demo Status

The map below shows cumulative information about users running the Demo Applications on the various Grid, HPC, Cloud and local resources supported by the CHAIN-REDS Science Gateway. The legend on the right shows the correspondence between marker colours and types of sites.
Click on the markers which appear on the map to get more information about running and done (i.e., whose output has not yet been retrieved) jobs at a given site. Job statuses are automatically updated every 15 minutes so it is useless to reload this page more often than that.

Total number of users submitting jobs: 39
Total number of running jobs: 65 of which 64 on Grid, 0 on HPC, 1 on Cloud and 0 on local resources
Total number of done jobs: 898 of which 893 on Grid, 1 on HPC, 4 on Cloud and 0 on local resources


EMI-gLite Grid sites
GARUDA Grid sites
Genesis II Grid sites
GOS Grid sites
OurGrid Grid sites
OCCI Cloud sites
Local cluster sites
split close sites
unsplit close sites